What’s RE-EL project

The “RE-EL” project team consists of Sumitomo Chemical, KISHIMA and SOU DESIGN.
The “RE-EL” project capitalizes upon the individual strengths of these companies
to create novel-designer products which are truly unique, evolving around the next-generation “OLED Lighting” technology.

Manufacturer of OLED Lighting Sources Manufacturer of Lighting Fixtures Product Design


OLED Lighting

OLEDs are expected to be used as next-generation lighting. Because it is available in a range of colors, shapes and sizes, provide a greater degree of flexibility in the design for various spaces and applications.
In our OLED, polymer materials are used for organic materials. Polymers easily dissolve in organic solvent, so organic layers are able to be fabricated by printing technology, such as ink-jet printing. And various colors (natural, vivid, pale, etc.) are available by tuning ink.